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Starflower believes that our home and work spaces are not just simple spaces, they are our personal haven, a visual identity of ourselves, and a shelter to nourish our health and happiness. Starflower offers plant styling and installation services assisting customers in crafting an environment they will thrive in. Weekly flower subscriptions are the rendered compliment to being surrounded by nature. A consultation of your space reveals what type of plants + florals the space is asking for from a simple nosegay of sweet peas, bold bundles of seasonal blooming branches to a variety of cacti in the perfect vessel.


Consultation + Installation Services: $50/hr


Our styling background ranges from fashion to flora with experience from production, print and product styling. Our ideas for communication through beauty are endless. We have worked with Free People, The Wild Unknown, Flutter and Little Details to name some of our favorites. We consider our styling creative play, that is how the magic happens. All inquiries are welcome.

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