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Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Once again, wreath season is here! As I ponder the cycles of life and ruminate on what the changing of the seasons have to offer us, I feel that Fall, in particular, feels like an abundant season. As the nights grow colder and the days shorter, leaves on the trees become rich in color – reminding me of the ever changing cycles we live in.

Wreath adorned with translucent luneria and whimsical reaching branches

Harvest is a time to slow down and reflect on the extra energy summer has given us. I savor the adventures, travels and joyful memories with friends as I prepare to be indoors more often. I like to catalogue these experiences in my heart and mind as I prepare for a season of going within. A time to read more, make soup, get extra rest and create WREATHS!

In Portland, where we are beginning to see more rainfall, I am reminded during this time of year to get lost walking through neighborhoods and viewing the colorful leaf change as Ma Nature hosts her annual art gallery of Autumnal glory. These walks involve waves of inspiration seeing new textures revealed in seed pods and watching the blooming cycle of summer transition into

something new. I like to look closely on the ground and all around for fallen branches, pine cones, vines and grasses – gleaning inspiration for wreath-making.

Several years ago, I discovered a biennial plant called Luneria. This plant is magic! I have been using it for the past 4 years to make wreaths. I first came across luneria in a maze of neighborhood alleys and harvested this glowing plant with my bare hands to create a wreath.

Luneria is also known as ‘honesty’ plant in the language of flowers. This plant represents the 'truthfulness' of the translucent pod revealing the seeds beneath. It spiritually represents honesty, money and sincerity.

Pink and brown undertones flower arrangement. Includes luneria which is a special branch we use to make our wreaths.

When Luneria is harvested the plant must be dried and the casing of the plant removed of seeds which then turns it into silver dollar plant. Wreath-making begins with this silver dollar form. There is something extraordinary and enchanting about the look of the silver dollar as though a light has been turned on. The multiple arms that branch out from this plant bring dimension and glow.

After hours of creating my first lunaria wreath and feeling elated with the finished design, I decided to create them annually every wreath season for our customers. Never would I have imagined that a new design would be born from wandering a maze of alleys!

You can find a hand-crafted luneria wreath on our website as ‘Light Up Your Life Luneria Wreath!’ The wonderful thing about this dried wreath is that it is everlasting! It can be enjoyed through the new year, carefully packed away at the end of the holiday season, or of course displayed throughout the year.


Luneria wreath. Giving translucent and white beautiful tones for the holiday season



I invite you to open your eyes wide when you are out and about and look for the unexpected. There are many gifts that lie in between spaces. Gather fallen treasures and play with the gifts of nature that you discover. When you allow yourself the time to slow down and pay attention, nature abounds and the world feels abundant.

Supplies needed and used to create wreaths and starflower and in your own home!

To create your own wreath, play with your materials and put your treasure together into a circular adornment that fits your personality and space design. Paddle wire, snips and wreath rings are the simple ingredients needed to create your wreath. Put the tea kettle on, light some candles and prepare your space to create.

Happy wreath-making friends! We have curated a playlist for you to enjoy setting the mood for your creative flow. Tag us on instagram @starflowerpdx with your finished wreath and know that while you are creating, legend has it that a wreath represents the unending circle of life and is a powerful symbol of eternal hope. Get into a contemplative mindset and set some intentions while you create.

Cheers and thanks for reading our first blog entry!

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