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Starflower has been revered as a trend leader in the wedding industry since 2001. Our passion for flowers and love of love has allowed us to create dream weddings for our clients for years. We often hear, “You've exceeded our expectations,” and, “This is more beautiful than we could have imagined."


Our desire to deeply listen allows us as designers to tap in, bringing our brides visions to life on their wedding day. Dedicated early-bird flower market trips and long standing relationships with farmers result in acquiring the most amazing flowers. Home grown flowers and wild crafting are also a part of our design process, bringing forth a truly visually-inspiring experience for our clients and their guests. Dreamstorming is the cog that gets the wheel turning, and our ideas are endless.


Complimentary consultations will receive a detailed line item proposal with an encapsulated description of the wedding vision. Please contact us to schedule your appointment.

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