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Sacred Elements sacred leaf tonic and sacred soil tonic. Available in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8oz. 


Sacred Leaf Tonic is a safe and highly effective all-natural liquid foliar feed for your Houseplants. It brings the combined power of a special blend of high quality oils and organic extracts to aid your plants in their vegetative and flowering stages, by stimulating growth and strengthening their leaves, giving them and your space more vitality - and a beautiful glow.


Sacred Soil Tonic is a highly effective all-natural liquid fertilizer for your Houseplants and Garden. It works together with beneficial microorganisms in the soil to stimulate your plant's natural immunity, enhancing Plant & Soil health. Sacred Soil Tonic can be used regularly - respecting the natural cycles of your plants, of the earth and of sunlight - to maintain your plant's vitality, as well as to treat and prevent most common houseplant insect and fungal infestations




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