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Jill first fell in love with flowers when she was a little girl. Carefree days of exploration in the outdoors drew her  to commune with the prolific sweet pea vines which grew in her neighbors  garden. She vividly remembers discovering the sweet peas and bringing their beauty into her room, and in turn, filled the space with a sweet aroma. This is a moment that is surrounded by a joyful glow in her memory. Jill loves sharing that connection through Starflower - bringing beauty into her customers lives and seeing that same glow into their lives.


Days in Starflower are spent designing flower arrangements, styling photo shoots, picking perfect plants for customers homes and work spaces, trips to the flower market, and consulting with brides and grooms to help style their weddings and bring their vision alive.


Starflower is a treasure trove filled with a hand selected gorgeous palette of flowers, essential oils, jewelry, and handmade goods. With each new week the shop is constantly changing; new colors and textural seasonal blooms pass through the space, keeping it fresh and alive. Nature is everything in the shop. It is our inspiration, our work, our way of connecting with the community. Energy flows freely and care is put into every action that takes place in our creative space.


Visitors often comment that they come into Starflower to “feel better or shift their current mood.” We have procured a custom combination of essential oils, The Joyful Blend, which is bottled into a spray. The Joyful Blend is also diffused in the shop - a familiar and uplifting scent that greets patrons as they enter our store.


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